The Cincinnati Polo Club

Welcome to The Cincinnati Polo Club

** Sat Aug. 16th Galloping Pig
Game Time 1:30 p.m.

Wilshire Farms
6065 Goshen Road
Goshen, OH 45122


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Discover Polo in
A team sport combining the agility of the horse
with the finesse of the human athlete.

 The Cincinnati Polo Club is based at Wilshire Farm in Goshen, Ohio.  Wilshire Farm has a large indoor arena perfect for year-round equine activity, with plans for an onsite outdoor polo field in 2012. Club members are all ages and skill levels, with playing experience ranging from 6 months to more than 25 years.

All are welcome and we encourage anyone with an interest to come out, watch, and give polo a try! Practices are held each Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday afternoons when games aren't scheduled.  If you’d like to watch a practice or try playing, contact Frank Wilkens:  513-252-6013

 For additional information about the club or polo lessons, contact; 
Frank Wilkens:  513-252-6013  OR